Lovely Folders

Lovely Folders 4.1

Customize windows folders with new icons

Lovely Folders is a tool to customize Windows folders by adding new icons. This software contains numerous colorful icons waiting to replace the standard ones you have on your Windows screen.

You can replace music, video, movies, etc. icons with an appropriate one to match the type of folder. Lovely Folders makes it possible to set individual background images for each folder, just like you do with your desktop.

It supports JPEG, GIF and BMP files for background images. This product lets you change your system default icons by applying new ones. Lovely Folders lets you search your computer for specific icons and can extract icons from several files (ICO), libraries (ICL) and resources (EXE, DLL, CPL, SCR, OCX, etc.

). It fully supports integration with Windows Explorer and drag and drop features. This product lets you easily customize your folder icon system making your system more attractive and fully customized.

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